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=head1 NAME

Net::Async::Trello - low-level Trello API access


Provides a basic interface for interacting with the L<Trello|https://trello.com> webservice.

It's currently a very crude implementation, implementing a small subset of the available API

=head2 me

Returns profile information for the current user.

=head2 boards

Returns a L<Ryu::Source> representing the available boards.

=head2 board

Resolves to the board with the corresponding ID.

Takes the following named parameters:

=over 4

=item * id - the board ID to request


Returns a L<Future>.

=head2 search

Performs a search.

=head1 METHODS - Internal

None of these are likely to be stable or of much use to external callers.

=head2 endpoints

=head2 endpoint


=over 4

=item L<IO::Async::Notifier>

L<add_child|IO::Async::Notifier/add_child>, L<adopt_future|IO::Async::Notifier/adopt_future>, L<can_event|IO::Async::Notifier/can_event>, L<children|IO::Async::Notifier/children>, L<configure_unknown|IO::Async::Notifier/configure_unknown>, L<debug_printf|IO::Async::Notifier/debug_printf>, L<get_loop|IO::Async::Notifier/get_loop>, L<invoke_error|IO::Async::Notifier/invoke_error>, L<invoke_event|IO::Async::Notifier/invoke_event>, L<loop|IO::Async::Notifier/loop>, L<make_event_cb|IO::Async::Notifier/make_event_cb>, L<maybe_invoke_event|IO::Async::Notifier/maybe_invoke_event>, L<maybe_make_event_cb|IO::Async::Notifier/maybe_make_event_cb>, L<new|IO::Async::Notifier/new>, L<notifier_name|IO::Async::Notifier/notifier_name>, L<parent|IO::Async::Notifier/parent>, L<remove_child|IO::Async::Notifier/remove_child>, L<remove_from_parent|IO::Async::Notifier/remove_from_parent>


=head1 AUTHOR

Tom Molesworth <TEAM@cpan.org>

=head1 LICENSE

Copyright Tom Molesworth 2014-2017. Licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.