package Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::CGroup::v2::CPU;

use Mojo::Base -base;

use constant {
  STAT_INTERFACE        => 'cpu.stat',
  WEIGHT_INTERFACE      => 'cpu.weight',
  WEIGHT_NICE_INTERFACE => 'cpu.weight.nice',
  MAX_INTERFACE         => 'cpu.max',

has cgroup => sub { Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::CGroup::v2->new };

sub stat        { shift->cgroup->_list(STAT_INTERFACE) }
sub weight      { shift->cgroup->_setget(WEIGHT_INTERFACE, @_) }
sub weight_nice { shift->cgroup->_setget(WEIGHT_NICE_INTERFACE, @_) }
sub max         { shift->cgroup->_setget(MAX_INTERFACE, @_) }


=encoding utf-8

=head1 NAME

Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::CGroup::v2::CPU - CGroups v2 CPU Controller


    use Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::CGroup::v2;

    my $cgroup = Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::CGroup::v2->new( name => "test" );



This module uses features that are only available on Linux kernels.

=head1 METHODS

L<Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::CGroup::v2::CPU> inherits all methods from L<Mojo::Base> and implements
the following new ones.

=head1 LICENSE

Copyright (C) Ettore Di Giacinto.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.

=head1 AUTHOR

Ettore Di Giacinto E<lt>edigiacinto@suse.comE<gt>