package Math::Geometry::Construction::Types;
use strict;
use warnings;
use MooseX::Types -declare => ['ArrayRefOfNum',
use MooseX::Types::Moose qw(Num ArrayRef HashRef);
use MooseX::Types::Structured qw(Tuple);

use 5.008008;

use Math::Vector::Real;
use Math::VectorReal;

=head1 NAME

C<Math::Geometry::Construction::Types> - custom types for Math::Geometry::Construction

=head1 VERSION

Version 0.024


our $VERSION = '0.024';

subtype ArrayRefOfNum,
    as ArrayRef[Num];

class_type Vector, {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Vector'};
class_type MathVectorReal,   {class => 'Math::Vector::Real'};
class_type MathVectorReal3D, {class => 'Math::VectorReal'};
class_type Point,  {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Point'};
class_type Line,   {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Line'};
class_type Circle, {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Circle'};

# coerce into Math::Vector::Real
coerce MathVectorReal,
    from MathVectorReal3D,
    via { V($_->x, $_->y) };

coerce MathVectorReal,
    from ArrayRef[Num],
    via { V(@$_[0, 1]) };

# coerce into Vector
coerce Vector,
    from ArrayRef[Num],
    via { Vector->new(vector => $_) };

coerce Vector,
    from MathVectorReal,
    via { Vector->new(vector => $_) };

coerce Vector,
    from MathVectorReal3D,
    via { Vector->new(vector => $_) };

coerce Vector,
    from Point,
    via { Vector->new(point => $_) };

subtype PointPoint,
    as Tuple[Point, Point];

coerce PointPoint,
    from Line,
    via { [$_->support] };

coerce Vector,
    from PointPoint,
    via { Vector->new(point_point => $_) };

coerce Vector,
    from Line,
    via { Vector->new(point_point => $_) };

class_type Construction, {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction'};

role_type GeometricObject,
    {role => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Role::Object'};

class_type Derivate, {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Derivate'};
class_type Draw,     {class => 'Math::Geometry::Construction::Draw'};

subtype HashRefOfGeometricObject,
    as HashRef[GeometricObject];

subtype ArrayRefOfGeometricObject,
    as ArrayRef[GeometricObject];

subtype LineLine,
    as Tuple[Line, Line];

subtype LineCircle,
    as Tuple[Line, Circle];

subtype CircleLine,
    as Tuple[Circle, Line];

coerce CircleLine,
    from LineCircle,
    via { [$_->[1], $_->[0]] };

subtype CircleCircle,
    as Tuple[Circle, Circle];

subtype HashRefOfPoint,
    as HashRef[Point];

subtype ArrayRefOfPoint,
    as ArrayRef[Point];

coerce Point,
    from ArrayRefOfPoint,
    via { $_->[0] };

subtype ArrayRefOfLine,
    as ArrayRef[Line];

coerce Line,
    from ArrayRefOfLine,
    via { $_->[0] };

subtype ArrayRefOfCircle,
    as ArrayRef[Circle];

coerce Circle,
    from ArrayRefOfCircle,
    via { $_->[0] };

subtype Extension,
    as ArrayRef[Num];

coerce Extension,
    from Num,
    via { [$_, $_] };




=head1 AUTHOR

Lutz Gehlen, C<< <perl at> >>


Copyright 2011-2013 Lutz Gehlen.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published
by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.