=head2 cleanbody

This module checks the body of an incoming article and cleans it up,
attempting to enforce standard ISO 8859-1 text.  If it's encoded in
quoted-printable, that encoding is undone.  Microsoft Word SmartQuotes are
converted into their ASCII equivalents, any Ctrl-Ms are removed, and the
module checks to make sure that the message contains no invalid characters
(outside of the standard ISO 8859-1 range) and that no lines are longer
than 79 characters.

The messages returned by the checks in the event of failure are:

=over 4

=item Invalid characters in body

The body contains characters outside the range [\s!-~\xa0-\xff].

=item Line over 79 characters

One or more lines in the body are over 79 characters long.


This module takes no arguments or configuration directives.  If the
original message was in quoted-printable, it will change the
Content-Transfer-Encoding header to be "8bit".  It recognizes
quoted-printable from the MIME encoding headers.