#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# Version 0.1 preliminary version using Cdnfundlibrary.pm v0.4 as an example

package Finance::Quote::IndiaMutual;
require 5.010;

use strict;


use LWP::UserAgent;
use HTTP::Request::Common;
use HTTP::Status;
use HTML::TableExtract;

our $VERSION = '1.49'; # VERSION

# URLs of where to obtain information.

$AMFI_MAIN_URL = ("http://www.amfiindia.com/");
$AMFI_URL = ("https://www.amfiindia.com/spages/NAVAll.txt");

# amfinavlist.txt is a cache-file. keep it until updated on the website since this is a 1meg file.
my $cachedir = $ENV{TMPDIR} // $ENV{TEMP} // '/tmp/';
$AMFI_NAV_LIST = $cachedir."amfinavlist.txt";

sub methods { return (indiamutual => \&amfiindia,
		      amfiindia => \&amfiindia); }

    my @labels = qw/method source link name currency date isodate nav rprice sprice/;
    sub labels { return (indiamutual => \@labels,
			 amfiindia => \@labels); }

# =======================================================================

sub amfiindia   {
    my $quoter = shift;
    my @symbols = @_;

    # Make sure symbols are requested
    ##CAN exit more gracefully - add later##

    return unless @symbols;

    # Local Variables
    my(%fundquote, %allquotes);
    my($ua, $url, $reply);

    $ua = $quoter->user_agent;

    $url = "$AMFI_URL";

    $reply = $ua->mirror($url, $AMFI_NAV_LIST);

    # Make sure something is returned
    unless ($reply->is_success or $reply->code == RC_NOT_MODIFIED) {
	foreach my $symbol (@symbols) {
	    $fundquote{$symbol,"success"} = 0;
	    $fundquote{$symbol,"errormsg"} = "HTTP failure";
	return wantarray ? %fundquote : \%fundquote;

    open NAV, $AMFI_NAV_LIST or die "Unexpected error in opening file: $!\n";

    #Scheme Code;ISIN Div Payout/ ISIN Growth;ISIN Div Reinvestment;Scheme Name;Net Asset Value;Date
    while (<NAV>) {
	next if !/\;/;
        my ($symbol1, $symbol2, $symbol3, @data) = split /\s*\;\s*/;
	$allquotes{$symbol1} = \@data;
	if ($symbol2 ne "-") {
	    $allquotes{$symbol2} = \@data;
	if ($symbol3 ne "-") {
	    $allquotes{$symbol3} = \@data;

    foreach my $symbol (@symbols) {
        $fundquote{$symbol, "symbol"} = $symbol;
        $fundquote{$symbol, "currency"} = "INR";
	$fundquote{$symbol, "source"} = $AMFI_MAIN_URL;
	$fundquote{$symbol, "link"} = $url;
	$fundquote{$symbol, "method"} = "amfitable";

	my $data = $allquotes{$symbol};
	if ($data) {
            $fundquote{$symbol, "name"} = $data->[0];
            $fundquote{$symbol, "nav"} = $data->[1];
            $quoter->store_date(\%fundquote, $symbol, {eurodate => $data->[2]});
            $fundquote{$symbol, "success"} = 1;
	} else {
	    $fundquote{$symbol, "success"} = 0;
	    $fundquote{$symbol, "errormsg"} = "Fund not found";

    return wantarray ? %fundquote : \%fundquote;


=head1 NAME

Finance::Quote::IndiaMutual  - Obtain Indian mutual fund prices from amfiindia.com


    use Finance::Quote;

    $q = Finance::Quote->new;

    %stockinfo = $q->fetch("indiamutual", "amfiindia-code"); # Can
failover to other methods
    %stockinfo = $q->fetch("amfiindia", "amfiindia-code"); # Use this
module only.

    # NOTE: currently no failover methods exist for indiamutual


This module obtains information about Indian Mutual Fund prices from the
Association of Mutual Funds India website amfiindia.com.
The information source "indiamutual" can be used
if the source of prices is irrelevant, and "amfiindia" if you
specifically want to use information downloaded from amfiindia.com.


In India, not all funds have an ISIN. However, they do have a scheme code.
You can use those if you can't find the ISIN. See AMFI site for details.


Information available from amfiindia may include the following labels:

method link source name currency nav rprice sprice.  The link
label will be a url location for the NAV list table for all funds.

=head1 NOTES

AMFI provides a link to download a text file containing all the
NAVs. This file is mirrored in a local file /tmp/amfinavlist.txt. The local
mirror serves only as a cache and can be safely removed.

=head1 SEE ALSO

AMFI india website - http://www.amfiindia.com/