• geo-notify - Send a notification every time we spot the user check-in.
  • geo-sms - Text people when you're in their area.
  • rtm-adder - Add TODO items to RememberTheMilk from twitter
  • inject - Inject packets directly into the exobrain bus
  • inject-done - Log personal entries via Exobrain
  • inject-todo - Inject TODO packets directly onto the exobrain bus
  • notify - Send an exobrain notify intent from the cmdline
  • sms-broadcast - Broadcast people in your area
  • sms - Send an exobrain sms intent from the cmdline
  • exobrain - Exobrain cmdline tool and dispatcher
  • router - Exobrain router. This *must* be running for exobrain to work
  • pushover - Send exobrain notify events to Pushover
  • sms - Send SMS from exobrain
  • beeminder-bounties - Spot when beeminder are about to fail a meta-goal
  • imap - Report IMAP folder sizes to exobrain