=head1 NAME

DBIx::Class::Migration::Script::Help::install_version_storage - Add missing meta data table


    dbic-migration install_version_storage --user myapp \
      --password $secret \

If the targeted (connected) database does not have the versioning tables
installed, this will install them.  The version is set to whatever your
C<schema> version currently is.

=head1 OPTIONS

This command accepts the following options.  You may learn more about each
option by typing C<dbic-migration help OPTION>.  The following is a summary.

=head2 user

Aliases: U

=head2 password

Aliases: P

=head2 dsn

Connection information to an already created and running instance of a database.
If you don't specify this, we will assume you want a developer level sandbox (
See L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Script/"sandbox_class">).

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<DBIx::Class::Migration>, L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Script>,
L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Features>, L<DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial>

=head1 AUTHOR

See L<DBIx::Class::Migration> for author information


See L<DBIx::Class::Migration> for copyright and license information