package Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Games::Magic8;
$Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Games::Magic8::VERSION = '0.021003';
use v5.10;
use strict; use warnings;

sub new { bless [], shift }

sub execute {
  my ($self, $msg) = @_;

  state $responses = [ <DATA> ];
  my $selected = $responses->[rand @$responses];
  chomp $selected;

  my $nick = ref $msg ? $msg->src_nick : '';
  ($nick // '') . ': ' . $selected



=head1 NAME

Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Games::Magic8 - Ask the Magic 8-ball


  !magic8 Will today be a good day?


Ask the magic 8-ball; it knows the answer to all the big questions in 

=head1 AUTHOR

Jon Portnoy <>


Outlook is grim.
It seems unlikely.
About as likely as a winning Powerball ticket
Hell no!
Well... it's hazy... but maybe... not!
Outlook is uncertain
Chance is in your favor.
Reply hazy, ask again later
Can't you see I'm busy?
Maybe so.
Quite possibly.
Absolutely yes!
It is certain.
Most definitely.
Probably not.
I think you already know..
Are you sure you want to know?
That could be...
Most likely, yes.
Most likely not.
For sure!