XTaTIK::Docs::02_PreparingCompanySilo - Preparation of company-wide config and files


Having a Company Silo is only useful if you have multiple websites and you would like to share configuration and static files across all those sites.

You don't really need a Company Silo, if you're going to run just a single eCommerce site. If that is the case, simply assume all Company Silo instructions refer to your Site Silo—that is, a directory with all of our site's files.


If you followed along XTaTIK::Docs::01_Installation, right now you have a directory with IP2Location database file. Create XTaTIK.conf file inside of it. Consult XTaTIK::Docs::Appendix::XTaTIK_conf and select which configuration variables you would like to override for your sites. Then, consult XTaTIK::Docs::Appendix::StaticFiles and select which static files you'd like to override. Lastly, consult XTaTIK::Docs::Appendix::Templates and select which templates you wish to override.

Replicate any of the files you wish to override in your Company Silo. They will take precedence over the default XTaTIK static files and templates. Your Site Silos will also be able to override any files offered by either XTaTIK core or your Company Silo.

Once finished, see XTaTIK::Docs::03_PreparingSiteSilo next.