Log::Dispatch::CronoDir - Log dispatcher for logging to time-based directories


    use Log::Dispatch::CronoDir;

    my $log = Log::Dispatch::CronoDir->new(
        dirname_pattern => '/var/log/%Y/%m/%d',
        permissions     => 0777,
        filename        => 'output.log',
        mode            => '>>:unix',
        binmode         => ':utf8',
        autoflush       => 1,

    # Write log to file `/var/log/2000/01/01/output.log`
    $log->log(level => 'error', message => 'Something has happened');


Log::Dispatch::CronoDir is a file log dispatcher with time-based directory management.


new(Hash %args)

Creates an instance. Accepted hash keys are:

dirname_pattern => Str

Directory name pattern where log files to be written to. POSIX strftime's conversion characters %Y, %m, and %d are currently accepted.

permissions => Octal

Directory permissions when specified directory does not exist. Optional. When not specified, creating directory's permissions are based on current umask.

Note that this won't work on Windows OS.

filename => Str

Log file name to be written in the directory.

mode => Str

Mode to be used when opening a file handle. Default: ">>"

binmode => Str

Binmode to specify with binmode. Optional. Default: None

autoflush => Bool

Enable or disable autoflush. Default: 1

log(Hash %args)

Writes log to file.

level => Str

Log level.

message => Str

A message to write to log file.




Copyright (C) yowcow.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


yowcow <>