Razor-Agents - Collection of files for checking, reporting, and revoking spam


Vipul's Razor is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection, reporting, and filtering network. The primary focus of the system is to identify and remove all email spam from the internet. Visit the website at


First a razorhome directory should be created where log, conf, and cached server information will live. This is done via -create option to razor-admin(1). See man page for details.

You can immediately check spam using razor-check(1). See man page for details.

To report spam, an identity must be registered. This is done via -register option to razor-admin(1). After that, razor-report(1) and razor-revoke(1) will work flawlessly.


All Razor-Agents share a configuration file. The contents of the configuration file are detailed in the razor-agent.conf(5) manpage.

Config file is computed before razorhome, in the following order:

 -conf=/path/file.conf           used if readable, else
 <home>/.razor/razor-agent.conf  used if readable, else
 /etc/razor/razor-agent.conf     used if readable, else
 all defaults are used.

To see configuration defaults, do razor-admin -create -conf=/tmp/razor2-defaults.conf


All Razor-Agents also share a razorhome directory, where identity, logging, and cached information about servers is stored. Razorhome is computed after configuration file, in the following order.

 -home=/tmp/razor/                     used if readable, else
 'razorhome' from configuration file   used if readable, else
 <home>/.razor/                        used if readable, else
 <home>/.razor/                        is created.  if that fails, 
                                       no razorhome.

 NOTE: If there is no razorhome, razor-report and razor-revoke will 
       not work unless you specify  -ident=/path/identity 
       razor-check will still work.


Besides those listed at the end with their own manpages, Razor Agents also has the following files.


Usually a symlink to identity file containing user+pass. Used by razor-report(1) and razor-revoke(1).


Default log file. To change, edit razor-agent.conf(5).


Cached list of Razor Servers. If more than one, they are ordered by closest ping time.


Cached info for <name> server. The srl key in this file is compared against the server greeting, and if server's is greater, new cache info is retrieved from the server.


razor-check -d -debuglevel=9 mbox

Checks spam in mbox. prints numbers for those found to be spam. -d logs to stdout, -debuglevel=9 is verbose logging

razor-admin -create -home=/home/chad/.razor -d -s

Creates razorhome in /home/chad/.razor, log to stdout, does not connect to server (-s simulate).

razor-report spam -debuglevel=0

sends spam to server, with no log msgs.


Vipul Ved Prakash, <> and Chad Norwood <>


razor-agent.conf(5), razor-check(1), razor-admin(1), razor-report(1), razor-revoke(1), razor-whitelist(5)