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ur - command-line tools for UR objects and apps


  ur define namespace MyApp

  cd MyApp

  ur update classes
  ur describe MyApp::Some::Class
  vim Another/Class.pm
  ur update schema 


ur is a command-line wrapper around the UR::Namespace::Command tree of modules. They manipulate, display and alter metadata within a namespace.


Like other UR::Command-based commands, ur by itself doesn't do much. It functions as an entry point to the various sub-commands for displaying, changing and updating metadata. If insufficient arguments are given on the command line, or if --help is on the command line, then the command will display some helpful documentation such as accepted command line args and available sub-commands.

All the modules implementing the sub-commands are locted under UR::Namespace::Command

Top-level commands

These are the commands available at the top level.

ur browser

Start a local web server that presents an HTML-based view of the current namespace's classes and schema.

ur define <class|datasource|namespace>

Define contains sub-commands for defining Namespaces, Data Sources and Classes.

ur describe <class name>

Display information about a class or data source entity to STDOUT.

ur diff <rewrite|update>

Display differences between versions of class definitions.

ur list <classes|modules|objects>

Display lists of classes, modules and objects

ur redescribe <class names>

Re-format a class description to the current standard and print it to STDOUT

ur rewrite <class names>

Re-format a class description to the current standard and save it back to the module file.

ur test <callcount|compile|eval|run|use>

Test contains sub-commands for running and performing different types of tests within a Namespace.

ur update <classes|class-diagram|schema-diagram>

Update contains sub-commands for updating the Namespace's class structure based on the current database schema (update), or for creating and updating an umlet diagram about a class or schema structure.