Checks to make sure that the incoming message is from a poster in a file of valid posters. The most common use of this module is in conjunction with human moderation; all messages from pre-approved posters are sent straight through via the robomoderator and the rest are relayed to a human moderator for hand checking.

This module takes one configuration directive:

whitelist FILE

FILE is a list of poster addresses, one per line. Only the address should be included in this file, not the name or other comments. Files ending in .db are reserved for future implementations (eventually, these will automatically be recognized as Berkeley db files for handling large lists of posters).

There is one possible failure message:

Unknown poster %s

The message is from a poster address which isn't in the whitelist of known addresses.

In addition, during parsing of the configuration directives, one fatal error, which would be passed to error(), is possible:

Can't open whitelist file %s: %s

An error occurred while trying to open a file given as a FILE argument to a configuration directive.

This module takes no arguments.