Rewrites a news article into a mail message, using a set of newsgroup to e-mail address mappings to determine which addresses to mail the resulting message to.

This module does the following: Checks to make sure there's a Newsgroups header; drops Bcc and Resent-Bcc headers in the message; renames To, Cc, Apparently-To, Resent-To, Resent-Cc, Return-Path, and Sender headers (if present) to the same name prefixed by X-Original- since they may be misinterpreted by e-mail software, and sets a new To header consisting of the e-mail addresses corresponding to all the groups in the Newsgroups header that have defined mappings. Duplicate addresses are stripped out.

This module takes one configuration file directive:

newstomail FILENAME

Specifies the file from which the list of newsgroup to address mappings should be read, in the form newsgroup, whitespace, address. If the filename ends in .db, then the file will be assumed to be a Berkeley database instead, with newsgroups as the keys and addresses as the values.

Two failure messages are possible:

Missing required Newsgroups header

The incoming message doesn't have a Newsgroups header. This module only handles posts and needs the Newsgroups header to determine what addresses to which to send the message.

No newsgroup with a mapping

None of the newsgroups in the Newsgroups header had a mapping to an e-mail address, so there's nowhere to send the message.

This module takes no arguments.