Does simple PGPMoose signing of messages. This module is not a full implementation of PGPMoose; in particular, it doesn't support all of the crosspost handling. It looks through the groups in the Newsgroups header and adds a PGPMoose X-Auth header for every group in the Newsgroups header for which a PGP key has been given.

This module takes one configuration directive, which associates a PGP key ID and passphrase with a newsgroup:


Associates the given KEYID and PASSPHRASE with NEWSGROUP. KEYID is optional and will default to the name of the newsgroup surrounded by spaces if not given. (This default will allow PGP to find the key correctly if the key ID is something like "Moderator for <address>" while avoiding confusing and

Note that using this module means putting the PGP passphrases for the moderation keys in cleartext in the configuration file or in the script.

This module takes no arguments and cannot fail.