This module separates out various functions related to sending mail into their own module so that it can be autoloaded on demand rather than always compiled. The following methods are included:

mail ([ ADDRESS [, ADDRESS ...]])

The message in its current form will be mailed to ADDRESS, and the method will return true on success, false on failure. If ADDRESS is not supplied, the message is mailed to the addresses in the standard mail headers (To, Cc, Bcc, and the Resent-* varients depending on your MTA), so this method should also be used after news to mail rewrites have taken place.

NOTE: The old mail_forward() method is DEPRECATED.

mail_bounce (ERROR)

Bounces the message by printing ERROR to stderr and then exiting with the permanent failure status code (as defined in the beginning of the News::Gateway source). This should only be used as a last resort, particularly for robomoderators, since the bounces will go to the envelope sender address which is often not the same as the poster.

mail_error (ERROR)

Attempts to send an error message to the sender of the original message, cc'd to the maintainer address. Replies will be set to the maintainer address, the subject will be "failure notice," and a Precedence header of "junk" will be added, which can be used to avoid loops.

If no From or Reply-To header has been seen, or if sending the mail fails, this method will call mail_bounce() with the same error message instead.

The message sent will be:

    Hi.  I'm afraid that I was unable to post your message.  This
    is a fatal error; I've given up.  A copy of this report is
    being sent to my maintainer.  The error message I received was:


    --- Below this line is a copy of the message.

followed by the original article headers and the body, with ERROR replaced by ERROR. Note that if ERROR should be word-wrapped in the message, this must be done by the caller.

mail_filereply (FILENAME [, SOURCES])

Mails a News::FormReply-style message to the author of the incoming message. See News::FormReply for more information. FILENAME is the path to the file to use to construct the reply, and SOURCES for News::FormReply variables can optionally be provided. The following variables are exposed to the form message by default:

    @BODY        Message body, possibly munged by previous modules.
    @HEADERS     Current message headers.
    @OLDHEADERS  Original message headers.
    $SUBJECT     Original subject line.
    $MAINTAINER  Maintainer of this gateway.

Returns true if sending the mail succeeded, false if it failed.