Extracts headers from the beginning of a message body and lifts them up into the message headers. This is to assist posters whose software makes it difficult for them to edit the headers of their posts or mail.

This module looks for recognized headers at the beginning of the article body. As long as it's seen only blank lines (possibly containing whitespace) and recognized headers, it adds all of those headers to the main message headers. As soon as it finds a line that isn't a recognized header, it stops, and if it found any headers it removes everything up to the first non-header line from the body.

This module takes one configuration directive:

bodyheaders HEADER [HEADER ...]

A list of headers to look for in the beginning of the body. The headers are not case sensitive, and any amount of whitespace (including none) is allowed after the colon.

For example, with the directive:

    bodyheaders x-no-archive

and a message beginning with:


    Comment: hello

an X-No-Archive header with content "yes" will be added to the message headers and the first line of the message body after this module runs will be the line starting with "Comment:". Had "comment" also been listed in the configuration directive, that header would have been lifted into the article headers as well and this module would have continued looking.

Whitespace on the line before the header is not allowed, and such a line would not be recognized as a header to be lifted to the message headers.

This module takes no arguments and cannot fail.