Tickit::Widget::VSplit - an adjustable vertical split between two widgets


 use Tickit;
 use Tickit::Widget::VSplit;
 use Tickit::Widget::Static;

 my $vsplit = Tickit::Widget::VSplit->new(
    left_child  => Tickit::Widget::Static->new( text => "Text above" ),
    right_child => Tickit::Widget::Static->new( text => "Text below" ),

 Tickit->new( root => $vsplit )->run;


This container widget holds two child widgets, displayed side by side. The two widgets are displayed with a vertical split bar between them, which reacts to mouse click-drag events, allowing the user to adjust the proportion of space given to the two widgets.


The default style pen is used as the widget pen. The following style pen prefixes are also used:

split => PEN

The pen used to render the vertical split area

The following style keys are used:

spacing => INT

The number of columns of spacing between the left and right child widgets

The following style tags are used:


Set when a mouse drag resize operation is occurring


$vsplit = Tickit::Widget::VSplit->new( %args )

Constructs a new Tickit::Widget::VSplit object.

Takes the following named arguments

left_child => WIDGET
right_child => WIDGET

Child widgets to use


$child = $hsplit->left_child

$vsplit->set_left_child( $child )

Accessor for the child widget used in the left half of the display.

$child = $hsplit->right_child

$vsplit->set_right_child( $child )

Accessor for the child widget used in the right half of the display.


Paul Evans <>