Tickit::Widget::LinearBox - abstract base class for HBox and VBox


This class is a base class for both Tickit::Widget::HBox and Tickit::Widget::VBox. It is not intended to be used directly.

It maintains an ordered list of child widgets, and implements the following child widget options:

expand => NUM

A number used to control how extra space is distributed among child widgets, if the window containing this widget has more space available to it than the children need. The actual value is unimportant, but extra space will be distributed among the children in proportion with their expand value.

For example, if all the children have a expand value of 1, extra space is distributed evenly. If one child has a value of 2, it will gain twice as much extra space as its siblings. Any child with a value of 0 will obtain no extra space.

force_size => NUM

If provided, forces the size of this child widget, overriding the value returned by get_child_base.


$widget = Tickit::Widget::LinearBox->new( %args )

Returns a new Tickit::Widget::LinearBox.

Takes the following named argmuents:

children => ARRAY[Tickit::Widget]

Optional. If provided, the widgets in this array will be added, with no additional options.


@children = $widget->children

In scalar context, returns the number of contained children. In list context, returns a list of all the child widgets.

%opts = $widget->child_opts( $child_or_index )

Returns the options currently set for the given child, specified either by reference or by index.

$widget->set_child( $index, $child )

Replaces the child widget at the given index with the given new one; preserving any options that are set on it.

$widget->set_child_opts( $child_or_index, %newopts )

Sets new options on the given child, specified either by reference or by index. Any options whose value is given as undef are deleted.

$widget->add( $child, %opts )

Adds the widget as a new child of this one, with the given options

$widget->remove( $child_or_index )

Removes the given child widget if present, by reference or index


Paul Evans <>