Tangence::Type - represent a Tangence value type


Objects in this class represent individual types that are sent over the wire in Tangence messages. This is a subclass of Tangence::Meta::Type which provides additional methods that may be useful in server or client implementations.


$type = Tangence::Type->new( $primitive_sig )

Returns an instance to represent a primitive type of the given signature.

$type = Tangence::Type->new( list => $member_type )

$type = Tangence::Type->new( dict => $member_type )

Returns an instance to represent a list or dict aggregation containing members of the given type.


$value = $type->default_value

Returns a value suitable to use as an initial value for object properties.

$type->pack_value( $message, $value )

Appends a value of this type to the end of a Tangence::Message.

$value = $type->unpack_value( $message )

Removes a value of this type from the start of a Tangence::Message.


Paul Evans <>