Acme::CPANModules::CustomCPAN - Creating your own CPAN-like repository


This document describes version 0.001 of Acme::CPANModules::CustomCPAN (from Perl distribution Acme-CPANModules-CustomCPAN), released on 2019-01-09.


Creating your own CPAN-like repository.

You can create a CPAN-like repository which contains your own modules. Look at the modules in this list to see what tools you can use to do this.

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  • CPAN::Mini::Inject

    If you just want to add one to a few of your own modules to your own CPAN, you can start with a regular CPAN (or mini CPAN) mirror, then inject your modules into it using this module.

  • OrePAN

    With this tool, you can create a CPAN-like repository from scratch, by adding your modules one at a time.

  • WorePAN

    A flavor of OrePAN that works under Windows.

  • OrePAN2

    The next generation of OrePAN, although I personally still use OrePAN (version 1).

  • CPAN::Mirror::Tiny

    Like OrePAN/OrePAN2/CPAN::Mini::Inject, but the goal is not to depend on XS modules (thus, the use of HTTP::Tinyish which uses curl/wget to download https pages instead of LWP).

  • Pinto

    Pinto allows you to create custom CPAN-like repository of Perl modules with features like stacking, version pinning, and so on.

  • App::lcpan

    Not a CPAN-like repository creator/builder, but once you have your CPAN-like repository, you can also index it like you would a regular CPAN mirror/mini mirror using this tool.


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