KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Naive - A typemap entry for "simple" objects


        entires => {
            'My::Class' => KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Naive->new,


This typemap entry is suitable for plain objects that can be stored by simply walking them recursively.

Most objects fall into this category, but there are notable exceptions:

XS based objects, using a pointer as a number

When being deserialized the pointer value will no longer be valid, causing segfaults.

Inside out objects

Since the referent is really a flyweight object with no data, the object will be missing its attributes and a suitable typemap entry is required instead.

This applies to any object interacting with a global state of some sort.

Objects with magic

Perl SV level magic is not retained, apart from tied values.



If true the object will be collapsed without an ID as part of its parent.