JSON::RPC::Common::Procedure::Call::Version_1_1 - JSON-RPC 1.1 Procedure Call


        use JSON::RPC::Common::Procedure::Call;

        my $req = JSON::RPC::Common::Procedure::Call->inflate({
                version => "1.1",
                id      => "oink",
                params  => { foo => "bar" },


This class implements JSON-RPC 1.1 Procedure Calls according to the 1.1 working draft:

JSON RPC 1.1 requests are never notifications, and accept either hash references or array references as parameters.

Note that the alternative JSON RPC 1.1 proposition is also be supported: kwparams is accepted as an alias to params, but params will also accept hash references. However, to simplify things, params and kwparams are mutually exclusive, since Perl doesn't have strong support for named params.

The alternative spec does not offer notifications (it is a TODO item), so currently is_notification always returns false.