Compress::LZW::Compressor - Scaling LZW compressor class


version 0.04


 use Compress::LZW::Compressor;
 my $c   = Compress::LZW::Compressor->new();
 my $lzw = $c->compress( $some_data );



Default: 1

Block mode is a feature added to LZW by compress(1). Once the maximum code size has been reached, if the compression ratio falls (NYI) the code table and code size can be reset, and a code indicating this reset is embedded in the output stream.

May be 0 or 1.


Default: 16

Maximum size in bits that code output may scale up to. This value is stored in byte 3 of the compressed output so the decompressor can also stop at the same size automatically. Maximum code size implies a maximum code table size of 2 ** max_code_size, which can be emptied and restarted mid-stream in "block_mode".

May be between 9 and 31, inclusive. The default of 16 is the largest supported by compress(1), but Compress::LZW can handle up to 31 bits.


compress ( $input )

Compresses $input with the current settings and returns the result.

reset ()

Resets the compressor state for another round of compression. Automatically called at the beginning of compress().

Resets the following internal state: Code table, next code number, code size, output buffer, buffer position


Meredith Howard <>


This software is copyright (c) 2015 by Meredith Howard.

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