Mojolicious::Guides::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


This document contains the most frequently asked questions about Mojolicious together with the right answers.


I think Mojolicious is awesome, how can i support you guys?

Blog and tweet about it, get other people hooked! :)

I think i have found a bug, what should i do now?

Prepare a test case demonstrating the bug, you are not expected to fix it yourself, but you'll have to make sure the developers can replicate your problem. Sending in your whole application generally does more harm than good, the t directory of this distribution has many good examples for how to do it right. Writing a test is usually the hardest part of fixing a bug, so the better your test case the faster it can be fixed. ;)

Now you are ready to contact the developers via GitHub (, mailing list ( or IRC (#mojo on

If you decide to fix the bug yourself make sure to take a look at Mojolicious::Guides::CodingGuidelines too.