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Acme::Flat - A Pure Perl reimplementation of B Internals


version 0.001001


This module is mostly a learning experiment to help me understand the mechanics behind perl's B internals, and hopefully making more friendly documentation for B components in the process.

At present, it only contains the implemented hierarchy present in >5.18, with no more than stub classes to represent each OP, each with descriptions.

But it is hoped alone that having a description for each OP gives some improvement on its own.


The name is an approximation of


Which was a cutesy way of saying B without saying B

Alas, is character U+266d, a Symbol, not an AlphaNumeric included in the XID_Start or XID_Continue Regular Expression ranges.

I fully intend to capitalize on that name however in the event that:

1. MooseX::Types::Perl::DistName allows symbols in distribution names.
2. PAUSE itself is proven to accept them.
3. Perl itself supports such a character in identifiers

However, due to #3 being now required to appease PAUSE Indexing rules , it seems unlikely Acme::♭ will exist in the near future.


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