Import utility that will take a CGI::Kwiki store and import it into a CGI::Wiki wiki.

    cgi-wiki-kwiki-import --host <host> --type <type> --name <name>
                          --user <user> --pass <pass> --kwiki <kwiki source>
                          --rcs-path <path to rcs binaries>


If you use RCS for your kwiki back end, it assumes you have all your RCS programs in /usr/bin - you may have to edit to correct this if they are somewhere else.

There is a potential problem with the import - depending on your underlying filesystem, CGI::Kwiki may be case-sensitive - you can have a node 'node' and a node 'NODE' and they will be different. CGI::Wiki does not do this, and so all the data for both of those nodes will be written as different versions of the 'node' node. This is almost certainly not what you want. The only thing you can really do about this is make sure you don't have duplicate nodes in the Kwiki database - merge and delete the duplicates from the /database folder in your kwiki. The import script will flag duplicates if it sees them.