SYNOPSIS [OPTIONS] <pid1> [<pid2 ... <pidn>]


Track the CPU usage of processes and send a mail if the usage falls below a certain threshold.


--waiting_time <minutes>

If the mail got send, wait <minutes> minutes before resume tracking. This prevents sending you hundreds of mails if the processes are below the threshold.

--subject <subject>

Set the subject of the mail.

--interval <seconds>

Record every <seconds> seconds the CPU usage.

--mail <address>

Send notification mails to <address.

--threshold <fraction>

Set he notification threshold to <fraction>. 100% CPU usage corresponds to a fraction of 1.

--num_steps <steps>

The CPU usage is averaged over a time span of <steps> * <interval time>.


Enable reporting of CPU usage fraction to STDOUT. If the number of steps is smaller than the averaging window, "." is printed. If a mail is sent, "|" is printed.



jw bargsten, <jwb at cpan dot org>