og_mirror - Replicate an OpenGuides site


  og_mirror --site --config /path/to/wiki.conf [--days 1] [--scrape]


This is a script to mirror the contents from another OpenGuides website. It can be run from a cron job to update periodically.

To initially load the wiki, run the script without the --days option. Then, the script can be run periodically with the --days option, to keep the site in line.



Specify the guide website to mirror from.

--config | -c

Path to the config file for the wiki on the localhost.

--days | -d

Number of days back to look at in the RSS feed. Omit this option to work in "hoover" mode.


If the OpenGuides site is prior to 0.51, it will not support format=raw. Specify the option --scrape to use HTML scraping of the edit form of action=edit instead.

--help | -h

Show this list of options.

--help --help | -h -h

Display man page.


Show the mirror script's version number


   0.01 18-Oct-2005 Initial version

   0.02 19-Oct-2005 Exclude updates for pages that haven't changed

   0.03 29-Oct-2005 Add HTML scraping option for guides that don't have format=raw
                    Check source URL against database for mirroring multiple guides 


Please report any bugs in this package using or posting to bugs-openguides-rdf-reader (at)


For discussion of all matters relating to OpenGuides, there is a mailing list


        Ivor Williams
        CPAN ID: IVORW
        ivorw-openguides (at)


This program is free software licensed under the...

        The General Public License (GPL)
        Version 2, June 1991

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.