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Astro::Catalog::IO::RITMatch - Catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog for Michael Richmond's 'match' program.


  $cat = Astro::Catalog::IO::RITMatch->_read_catalog( \@lines );
  $arrref = Astro::Catalog::IO::RITMatch->_write_catalog( $cat, %options );


This class provides read and write methods for catalogues in Michael Richmond's 'match' application's input and output file format. The methods are not public and should, in general only be called from the Astro::Catalog write_catalog and read_catalog methods.


Private methods


Parses the catalogue lines and returns a new Astro::Catalog object containing the catalogue entries.

  $cat = Astro::Catalog::IO::RITMatch->_read_catalog( \@lines, %options );

Currently supported options are:

filter - Either an Astro::WaveBand object or a string that can be used by the Filter method of the Astro::WaveBand module when constructing a new object. This option describes the waveband for the magnitudes in the catalogue. If this is not defined, then the waveband will default to the near infrared 'J' band.

Create an output catalogue in the 'match' format and return the lines in an array.

  $ref = Astro::Catalog::IO::RITMatch->_write_catalog( $catalog, %options );

The sole mandatory argument is an Astro::Catalog object.

Optional arguments are:

mag_type - the magnitude type to write out to the file. Defaults to 'mag'.
filter - reference filter to select from catalogue. See flux() method in Astro::Flux. This allows a specific filter to be selected for output. Argument can be a string or Astro::Waveband object.

The output format has the ID in column 1, X coordinate in column 2, Y coordinate in column 3, magnitude value in column 4, and any comments in column 5.


Astro::Catalog, Astro::Catalog::IO::Simple


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This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Public License.


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