locale_simple_scraper - Command line tool for finding tokens in code


version 0.018


  # ignoring specific regexps for the filename
  # please be aware that you must escape the . and because we use bash here you
  # must also be aware to escape the \ for escaping the .
  locale_simple_scraper --ignores \\.build --ignores some/dir

  # only use specific regexps for the filename
  locale_simple_scraper --only core --only site/something

  # different output parameter, might require more modules
  locale_simple_scraper --output perl
  locale_simple_scraper --output yaml
  locale_simple_scraper --output json

  # supress output of line numbers
  locale_simple_scraper --no_line_numbers

  # scramble real filename with md5 (for security)
  locale_simple_scraper --md5

  # setting additional extensions for Javascript (default: js)
  locale_simple_scraper --js jjs,ajs

  # setting additional extensions for Perl (default: pl, pm, t)
  locale_simple_scraper --pl ppl,pppl

  # setting additional extensions for Text::Xslate (default: tx)
  locale_simple_scraper --tx ttx,xxx


This tool parses all Perl, Python, Javascript and Text::Xslate templates in the current directory and subdirectories to find calls to the Locale::Simple API.

It gives out on STDERR which files are parsed right now, while it dumps the resulting data to the screen. By default it generates a .po file, but you can specify via --output to dump json, yaml or a perl data structure.

Be aware that we add the domain as flag in the .po file. So double token may appear which only differs through a #, flag.


  Pull request and additional contributors are welcome

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Torsten Raudssus <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by DuckDuckGo, Inc., Torsten Raudssus <>.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.