Foorum::Manual::Tutorial2 - Tutorial 2: Dive into Foorum: TheSchwartz

TheSchwartz introduction


As CPAN perldoc says: reliable job queue. Basically it splitted into two parts, one is worker while the other is client.

Worker script:

  * L<>
  * L<<worker>>

We may have several workers to deal with different tasks. For example deal with some tasks while deal with scraper task.

What's worker for? In my idea, that's just a script to monitor a table in database (check if there is any task to do) every 5 secs. Faked code like this:

  while (1) {
      # check if there is any new TODO task in one table of theschwartz database.
      if ($has_new_task) { # scalar @new_tasks
          foreach my $new_task (@new_tasks) {
      sleep 5;

Where does new task from? Foorum has two ways, always one is form Foorum/Controller|Model, the other is from cron scripts.

example code:

  # in Foorum/Model

  use Foorum::ExternalUtils qw/theschwartz/;
  my $client = theschwartz();

  # in cron script. L<>

That's a simple introduction. Maybe I'm wrong here. :)

Worker in Foorum

For now, we have several workers:

  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::DailyChart
  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::DailyReport
  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::Hit
  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::RemoveOldDataFromDB
  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto
  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::SendScheduledEmail
  * Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::SendStarredNofication
  * etc.

There is a simple Foorum::Manual::RULES that why we use TheSchwartz, put heavy code on backend script instead of httpd.

  * Hit is a cron script to update topic hits and Popular.
  * RemoveOldDataFromDB - remove useless data from database because it's outdated.
  * ResizeProfilePhoto  - let httpd load Image::Magick is not so good.
  * SendScheduledEmail  - send email, web insert data into table then this worker send email behind
  * SendStarredNofication - oh, typo here, should be Notification. ;)

How to write a Worker in Foorum?

OK, please borrow code from exist ones.


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