dump_mail_struct - analyze MIME structure of e-mails


    dump_mail_struct <efile.eml

    dump_mail_struct */archive/*/??

    find . -type f -path '*/archive/*' -name '??' |
        dump_mail_struct -files-from-stdin


Analyzes the MIME structure of the given e-mails. If only the content of one eml file is given, prints its structure. If several are given, prints a historgram of the frequency of all different structures found.



Read a list of filenames frmm standard input, one file per line. Useful if you want to analyze so many files that their names would not fit on the commandline.


Do not show filenames on the terminal while analyzing.


Only output the name of the first file containing a new structure. Useful to find interesting mails for test purposes.


Immediately output the structure of each message analyzed.


Only show this documentation.