ezmlm-append-trailer - append trailer to mail message


    ezmlm-add-trailer /path/to/ezmlm/list


This filter adds a trailer to the first text/plain, text/enriched or text/html part (or several of them, if they are contained in a multipart/alternative) of the message/rfc822 given on the standard input and emits the result to the standard output.

The trailer text must be stored in dir/text/trailer. Other than ezmlm-send, we do not look for dir/addtrailer and do not use a trailer from /etc/ezmlm/default/text/trailer.

The trailer text is expected to be UTF-8 encoded.

Since we cannot safely add text to signed messages, we will not do that.



Write additional messages to standard error.


Die if there is a trailer defined, but it could not be added to the message.


Show this documentation and exit.


Martin H. Sluka <>