DBIx::Class::Migration::Script::Help::delete_table_rows - trunate existing tables


    dbic-migration delete_table_rows --schema_class MyApp::Schema


does a delete on each table in the database, which clears out all your data but preserves tables. For Real! You might want this if you need to load and unload fixture sets during testing, or perhaps to get rid of data that accumulated in the database while running an app in development, before dumping fixtures.

If your table has a lot of rows, this command could take a long time to run depending on your database type.

Skips the table dbix_class_deploymenthandler_versions, so you don't lose deployment info (this is different from drop_tables which does delete it.)

This command is intended to be a developer convenience function. It is not intended to be used as a general purpose administration tool.


This command accepts the following options. You may learn more about each option by typing dbic-migration help OPTION. The following is a summary.

includes (I,lib,libs,include)


Adds the listed paths to @INC. Handy during development when you want to use a development schema class.

schema_class (S)

Accepts Str. Required.

This is the schema we use as the basis for creating, managing and running your deployments. This should be the full package namespace defining your subclass of DBIx::Class::Schema. For example MyApp::Schema.

If the "schema_class" cannot be loaded, a hard exception will be thrown.

target_dir (D)


When using a sandbox_class for generating developer level database sandboxes, you may wish to place the sandbox in a directory other than the default (which is under the share directory off the project root).


Aliases: T, sb

Accepts: String (default: SqliteSandbox)

The class we use to create a developer level database sandbox.

You can change this to either 'PostgresqlSandbox' or 'MySQLSandbox', which will create a sandbox using either DBIx::Class::Migration::MySQLSandbox or DBIx::Class::Migration::PostgresqlSandbox.


Aliases: U


Aliases: P


Connection information to an already created and running instance of a database. If you don't specify this, we will assume you want a developer level sandbox ( See "sandbox_class" in DBIx::Class::Migration::Script).


DBIx::Class::Migration, DBIx::Class::Migration::Script, DBIx::Class::Migration::Features, DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial


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