DBIx::Class::Migration::Script::Help::delete_named_sets - Delete dumped fixture sets


    dbic-migration --schema_class MyApp::Schema \
      delete_named_sets --fixture_set core --fixture_set countries


Used to delete invalid, previously dumped fixtures for a given fixture configuration, under the current schema (not database!) version.

Sometimes when you are dumping fixtures for the current version, you might make a mistake in the configuration set and want to re-dump them. This command clears out existing sets.

Since dumped fixtures just live on the filesystem, you can delete them using any normal filesystem tool, so we limit this pontentially dangerous command to deleting on the current schema fixtures. You might use this command when working on prepping fixures for a new version of the schema, for example.


This command accepts the following options. You may learn more about each option by typing dbic-migration help OPTION. The following is a summary.

fixture_sets (fixture_sets)

Required. The fixture configuration set names (basically these are the file names of your fixture configurations, without the '.json' part.

includes (I,lib,libs,include)


Adds the listed paths to @INC. Handy during development when you want to use a development schema class.

schema_class (S)

Accepts Str. Required.

This is the schema we use as the basis for creating, managing and running your deployments. This should be the full package namespace defining your subclass of DBIx::Class::Schema. For example MyApp::Schema.

If the "schema_class" cannot be loaded, a hard exception will be thrown.

target_dir (D)


When using a sandbox_class for generating developer level database sandboxes, you may wish to place the sandbox in a directory other than the default (which is under the share directory off the project root).


Accepts: String to a Perl Class. Defaults to DBIx::Class::Fixtures

Lets you specify a fixture class.


Accepts: HashRef. Optional

Allows you to pass custom arguments to DBIx::Class::Fixtures.


DBIx::Class::Migration, DBIx::Class::Migration::Script, DBIx::Class::Migration::Features, DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial


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