Mojo::Snoo - Mojo wrapper for the Reddit API


Mojo::Snoo is a Perl wrapper for the Reddit API which relies heavily on the Mojo modules. Mojo::Collection was the initial inspiration for going the Mojo route. Skip to synopsis to see how Mojo::Snoo can be great for one-liners, quick scripts, and full-blown applications!


    use Mojo::Snoo;

    # OAuth ONLY. Reddit is deprecating cookie auth soon.
    my $snoo = Mojo::Snoo->new(
        username      => 'foobar',
        password      => 'very_secret',
        client_id     => 'oauth_client_id',
        client_secret => 'very_secret_oauth',

    # upvote each post in /r/Perl (casing does not matter)
        sub { $_->upvote }

    # Don't want to login? That's fine.
    # You can stick to methods which don't require login.
    # Omitting auth details is nice for one-liners:

    # print names of moderators from /r/Perl
    Mojo::Snoo->new->subreddit('Perl')->mods->each( sub { say $_->name } );

    # or do the same via Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit
    Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit->new('Perl')->mods->each( sub { say $_->name } );

    # print title and author of each post (or "thing") from /r/Perl
    # returns 25 "hot" posts by default
    Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit->new('Perl')->things->each( sub { say $_->title, ' posted by ', $_->author } );

    # get only self posts
    @selfies = Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit->new('Perl')->things->grep( sub { $_->is_self } );

    # get the top 3 controversial posts ("things") on /r/AskReddit
    @things = Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit->new('Perl')->things_contro_all(3);

    # print past week's top video URLs from /r/videos
    Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit->new('Perl')->things_top_week->each( sub { say $_->url } );

    # print the /r/Perl subreddit description
    say Mojo::Snoo->new->subreddit('Perl')->about->description;

    # even fetch a subreddit's header image!
    say Mojo::Snoo->new->subreddit('Perl')->about->header_img;



Returns a Mojo::Snoo::Multireddit object.


Returns a Mojo::Snoo::Subreddit object.


Returns a Mojo::Snoo::Thing object.


Returns a Mojo::Snoo::Comment object.


Returns a Mojo::Snoo::User object.


Please see the official Reddit API documentation for more details regarding the usage of endpoints. For a better idea of how OAuth works, see the Quick Start and the full documentation. There is also a lot of useful information of the redditdev subreddit.


The (two-clause) FreeBSD License. See LICENSE for details.