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Implements the same API as the "Request" objects created by Continuity::Adapt::HttpDaemon and other adapters. These faked request objects go over the request queue but instead of containing a request from a user, they contain a request from another part of the system.

Use Continuity::Mapper instead.

new(callback => sub { ... } )

Call with the code to run in another coroutine's execution context. The execution context includes the call stack, including all of the data returned by Carp::confess, Padwalker, caller, and so on.

One Inspector instance can be reused but can only on one context at a time or else the locking stuff will probably go all breaky.

$inspector->inspect( $session_queue )

It's a bit silly that this is here but having it here helps with locking. Continuity::Mapper has a bit nicer interface to the same thing.