Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::AsyncSearch - Asynchronous RDB deep search


  ## Inside a POE::Session
  my $async_sessID = Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::AsyncSearch->spawn(
    MaxWorkers => 5,
    ResultEvent => 'got_rdb_result',
    ErrorEvent  => 'got_rdb_error',

  $poe_kernel->post( $async_sessID,


This is a simple POE session for managing fork()/exec()'d Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::RDB::AsyncSearch::Worker instances via POE::Wheel::Run.

It does not interact with the Bot::Cobalt core directly in any way; it can be used from any POE session to deep-search RDBs.

Searches should be posted to the search_rdb event (see "SYNOPSIS").

Results are returned to the specified ResultEvent; the first argument is an array reference of results, the second argument is the $hints_hash originally passed in via search_rdb.


Jon Portnoy <>