Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Alarmclock - Timed IRC highlights


  !alarmclock 20m go do some something
  !alarmclock 1h30m stop staring at irc


This plugin allows authorized users to set a time via either a time string (see "timestr_to_secs" in Bot::Cobalt::Utils) or a specified number of seconds.

When the timer expires, the bot will highlight the user's nickname and display the specified string in the channel in which the alarmclock was set.

For example:

  !alarmclock 5m check my laundry
  !alarmclock 2h15m10s remind me in 2 hours 15 mins 10 secs

(Accuracy down to the second is not guaranteed. Plus, this is IRC. Sorry.)

Mimics darkbot6 behavior, but with vaguely sane time string grammar.


Jon Portnoy <>