NAME - Compile a file, or watch a file/directory for changes, and recompile as needed.

SYNOPSIS action [files]

        action          The action to take. Can be either 'compile'
                        or 'watch'.

        files           The list of files and folders to check.
        --json          Takes in either a file name, or a JSON
                        string. If filename, will also check
                        for changes to this file before recompiling.

        --base          Optionally specifies the path to a base
                        liquid implementation. If no --class
                        is specified attempts to determine
                        the class. Takes paths or package names.
        --class         Specifically sets the class to use for
                        the liquid parser. By default, this is
                        WWW::Shopify::Liquid. If --base is used,
                        will attempt to automatically determine.
        --verbose       Displays extra info.
        --quiet         Suppress everything except errors.
        --help          Displays this messaqge.
        --fullhelp      Displays the full pod doc.

This tool essentially prints out whether or not it thinks a file's liquid is correct, in terms of sytnax. If it finds an issue, it'll point out the first error in that file. Otherwise it'll print OK.

By default, the behaviour of this script is recursive, meaning if you specify a directory amongst your file listing, this script will expand it and look at the subfolders.

EXAMPLES *.liquid