Dean Hamstead
and 1 contributors


mm - a CLI to manage a cluster of Monit daemons


mm [options] [<command>] all|SERVICE..

        -h,              show this help message and exit
        -o HOST[,HOST]*  comma separated list of hosts (default: "all")
                         provided hosts must be defined in the config file
        -N               output for non-humans
        -D,              debug output
        -c,              configuration file (default: ~/.mm.yml)
                         mm will look also in these location in order of priority:
                            - ~/.mm.yml
                            - /etc/mm.yml
                            - /path/of/mm/mm.yml


        status    - print status if all services
        summary   - service status groupped by service
        start     - start service(s)
        stop      - stop service(s)
        monitor   - monitor service(s)
        unmonitor - unmonitor service(s)
        list      - list configured hosts


mm is a CLI tool to talk with a bunch of Monit daemons in your network. The Monit daemon currently implements a HTTP web interface that the user can use to manage the Monit daemon currently running on that particular host. however, if you have a bunch of server out there on your network, and you want to manage all of them you are forced to connect to different URLs (one per server). I came up with this mm tool (mm stays for Monit management). You can use this command to perform actions across your Monit instances. All you need to do i setting up your mm.yml file with the hostnames and access account.



The Monit project home page


Angelo "pallotron" Failla - pallotron at


Copyright 2009 Angelo "pallotron" Failla, all rights reserved.

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