starman-modcluster - Starman launcher with mod_cluster support


  starman-modcluster --mc-node-name=MyApp1 --mc-uri= --mc-context="/myapp" --mc-alias="myapp1" --mc-host= 


--mc-uri (required)

mod_cluster address

--mc-node-name (required)
        --mc-node-name UniqueNameOfMyNode

Specified unique name of you server instance, in mod_cluster it is equivalent to JvmRoute. Max site 80 characters

--mc-context (required)
        --mc-context /foo,/bar,/baz/foo

Contexts that your application can server.

--mc-host (required)

Specifies the hostname/IP address of a node

--mc-port (optional)
        --mc-port 5000

Specifies the port that application is hosted on, if not specified, will attempt to figure it out.

--mc-type (optional)
        --mc-type http

Specifies scheme that is used for your node (http/https), if not specified, will attempt to figure it out.

--mc-alias (optional)
        --mc-alias MyAppServer1,AppServer1

Virtual host alias that will be added to httpd. Defaults to StarmanServer

--mc-domain (optional)
        --mc-domain MyGroup

Domain/Load balancer name

--mc-status-interval (optional)
        --mc-status-interval 10

How often in seconds server is going to communicate its status to mod_cluster. Defaults to 30 seconds.


Allow Starman to listen for mod_clusters multicast traffic for dynamic subscription

--mc-multicast-address (optional)

Address to listen multicast traffic on. Defaults to

--mc-multicast-port (optional)
        --mc-multicase-port 23364

Port that mod_cluster is broadcasting its information. Defaults to 23364

--mc-sticky-session (optional)
        --mc-sticky-session no

Stick a request to a node "yes"/"no" (Defaults to "yes")

        --mc-sticky-session-cookie CookieName

Name of the cookie containing the session id (Defaults to "JSESSIONID")

--mc-sticky-session-remove (optional)
        --mc-sticky-session-remove yes

remove the session id (cookie or parameter) when the request can't be routed to the right node "yes"/"no" (Defaults to "no")

--mc-sticky-session-force (optional)
        --mc-sticky-session-force no

Return an error if the request can't be routed according to JVMRoute (Defaults to "yes")

--mc-wait-worker (optional)
        --mc-wait-worker 10

time in seconds to wait for an available worker. (Defaults to 0, no wait)

--mc-max-attempts (optional)
        --mc-max-attempts 5

number of attemps to send the request to the backend server (Defaults to 1)

--mc-flush-packets (optional)
        --mc-flush-packets on

Tell how to flush the packets. On: Send immediately, Auto wait for flushwait time before sending, Off don't flush. (Defaults to "off")

--mc-flush-wait (optional)
        --mc-flush-packets 5

Time to wait before flushing. Value in seconds (Defaults to 10)

--mc-ping (optional)
        --mc-ping 5

Time to wait for a pong answer to a ping. 0 means we don't try to ping before sending. Value in secondes (Defaults to 10)

--mc-smax (optional)
        --mc-smax 5

soft max inactive connection over that limit after ttl are closed. Default depends on the mpm configuration

--mc-ttl (optional)
        --mc-ttl 120

max time in seconds to life for connection above smax. (Defaults to 60)

--mc-timeout (optional)
        --mc-timeout 60

Max time httpd will wait for the backend connection. (Defaults to 0, no timeout)

--mc-debug (optional)
        --mc-debug 1

Display Net::MCMP debug information, and show configuration options of mod_cluster in the logs.

Other Options

Other options are available as described in starman and plackup

Starman::ModCluster passes through other options given to Starman and Plack::Runner, the common backend that starmna and plackup uses, so the most options explained in plackup -h such as --access-log or --daemonize works fine in starman-modcluster too.


starman Starman plackup

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