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svnhook - Managing subversion hooks


  svnhook init /path/to/repos # enables svnhook for all hooks
  svnhook init /path/to/repos pre-commit # or just one
  svnhook list /path/to/repos pre-commit


svnhook init initializes a repository to be managed by SVN::Hook. Currently it doesn't work if you have existing hooks.

The hook is essentially redispatching to what's under the _hook_name directory, for example _pre-commit/ for pre-commit hooks. Files under the directory are invoked in their shell globbing sequence. Unless it's a post- hook, a failed hook terminates svnhook and returns failure to svn. A file ended with "-" is treated as a disabled hook and is not run.

If you look at the hook script itself, you will find a hash table you can edit to provided fine-grained mapping for commits under a certian directroy to also run scripts under the corresponding script directory.


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