SVK::Help::View - Introduction to svk view support


[Views are a BETA-quality feature. We're very interested in bug reports and feeback about them.]

svk allows you to define multiple different views for an existing repository.


views are stored as property svk:view:NAME on a directory. Suppose you have svk:view:ptest set on //project, you can refer to it by //^project/ptest. That is, a caret, and then path holding the property, a slash, and the name of the view.

You can now use //^project/ptest as a target for normal svk commands like ls, checkout and diff.

Here is an example for the value of the property:

 dir1  dir1
 util  src/deep/util

The first line is the base of the view. The &: sign means the root of a mirror, so the view can still be used even if other people mirrored the repository to a different path in their local repository.

The second line means taking out all the content under the root. And then take dir1 back, stick the directory src/deep/util to util under the view. So running svk ls //^project/ptest you should see: