procasync - script for testing Proc::Async module


   procasync -start '<program-name> [<args...>]'
   procasync -start <program-name> -start '<args>'

   procasync -jobid [-status] [-stdout] [-stderr] [-wdir] [-rlist] [-done]
   procasync -jobid [-result <file-name>]

   procasync -help
   procasync -version


A simple script that tests all functions of the Proc::Async module.

  • it can start an external program, together with its arguments:

       procasync -start 'date -u'
       procasync -start date -start -u
          ID of the started job 'date' '-u':
  • it can show the status of started external program

       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -status
          Status of /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ:
          completed, exit code 0, completed at Sat May 18 18:54:24 2013, elapsed time 0 seconds
  • it can fetch what was written to the standard output streams by the started external program

       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -stdout -stderr
          STDOUT of the job '/tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ':
          Sat May 18 15:54:24 UTC 2013
          STDERR of the job '/tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ':
  • it can show the working directory and the existing result names of the started external program

       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -wdir -rlist
          Working directory for the job '/tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ':
          List of files with results for the job '/tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ':
  • it can fetch a result itself

       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -result a.file
       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -result b.file
  • it can show whether the external program finished or not

       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -done
          Process finished
  • it can kill the running external program and clean up its results

       procasync -jobid /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ -kill -clean
          Killing job '/tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ': failure
          Cleaning data for the job /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ:
          4 files for job /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ have been deleted.


General options


Print documentation and exits.


Print the version and exits.


Do not pollute STDERR with decorative message.