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    Following in the steps of other open source projects that
    eventually take over the world, here is the partial list
    of people who have contributed to Math::GSL and its supporting
    works.  It is sorted by name and formatted to allow easy
    grepping and beautification by scripts.
    The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W),
    description (D), github (U) and snail-mail address (S).


        The Math::GSL Team
        PS: Yes, this looks remarkably like the many other CREDITS formats
        PPS: This file is encoded in UTF-8

---------- N: Jonathan "Duke" Leto U: leto E: jonathan@leto.net W: http://leto.net S: Portland, OR

N: Thierry Moisan

N: Vincent Danjean

N: Jakob Ilves

N: Yury Zavarin U: tadam E: yury.zavarin@gmail.com

N: ALberto Simões U: ambs E: ambs@cpan.org

N: Bartosz Jakubski U: bjakubski

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