Руслан У. Закиров
and 1 contributors


ip-geo-base-ru - retrieve DBs from and import them into DB


    ip-geo-base-ru -h
    ip-geo-base-ru --dsn 'dbi:SQLite:/path/to/my.db' --create
    ip-geo-base-ru --dsn 'dbi:SQLite:/path/to/my.db'

    ip-geo-base-ru [-d,--dsn <dsn>]
        [-u,--user <db user>] [-p,--password <db password>]
        [-t,--table <db table>] [--create]
        [--source <URL>]


Script fetches information about IP blocks and locations from and imports data into a database table.


  • -h, --help - show help and exit

  • -d, --dsn - the only mandatory option - data base connection string. Syntax described in "DBI", example 'dbi:mysql:mydb'.

  • -u, --user, -p, --password - credentials that should be used to connect to the DB. Default values are empty.

  • -t, --table - name of the table in the database where data should be stored, default value is 'ip_geo_base_ru'.

  • --create - use this to create table in the DB for the first time.

  • --source - URL of the file on the site, default is