DESCRIPTION - build a variety of useful libraries


 Usage [options...]

    --self_contained full path. Build everything within this path.
    --package        Move build directories to the package dir
    --version        version of package for generating documentation


This script simplifies the process of building a variety of libraries required for the Generic Genome Browser and BioPerl. It can also be used to construct a package of these libraries.

Creating a local installation

All libraries will be built in /usr/local. Perl modules will be installed in /Library/Perl.

Building a self-contained package --self_contained /usr/local/libraries-october

Will cause all files to be built in a flat directory structure suitable for generating a self-contained pacakge. After building, use PackageMaker and point it to the directory provided in --self_contained. Alternatively, you can pass the --package option (see below) to have these directories automatically moved into the package path.

Building a package within standard local paths --package

You can also easily build a package using local paths. To simplify this process, you should pass the --package (boolean) flag. This will cause three things to happen. First, all system directories that the build process touches will be backed up (to $dir.bak). Empty directories with the same name will be created. Following the build, these directories are then copied to predfined package directory. Finally, the backup directories are restored to their original name.


  Todd Harris (
  Version: $Id:,v 1.3 2005-12-09 22:19:09 mwz444 Exp $
  Copyright @ 2003 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory