Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Plugin::SourceTrackFinder - Limit list of tracks to those that contain arbitrary fields


In the appropriate gbrowse configuration file:

 plugin = SourceTrackFinder

 tissue source = brain pancreas kidney
 gender        = male female

 (usual config options)
 tissue source = brain
 gender        = male

 (usual config options)
 tissue source = pancreas
 gender        = female


This plugin activates a panel above the tracks table that allows the user to filter the tracks according to combinations of fields that you define. The fields are defined in the [SourceTrackFinder:plugin] stanza of the configuration file and consist of one or more field names followed by their allowable values, separated by spaces using the usual GBrowse config rules. For filtering to work, each track must also have a similarly-named set of fields, each with one or more values.

GBrowse will prompt the user to select field values using a series of popup menus located above the tracks table. When the user changes the popups, the tracks table will be filtered to show only the tracks that match the selected field values. The user can press the "clear" button to turn off filtering.

Note that this only affects the display of track names. Tracks that were previously turned on will stay on, but their entries will be invisible in the tracks table. The user can still turn them off by clicking on the individual track's configure or (-) buttons.




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Lincoln Stein <>.

Copyright (c) 2009 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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